Track Changes is the natural next step in a world where more people are writing than ever – as creative expression, to share stories, information, ideas, to communicate. It is the golden age of social and electronic media, and the old ways of publishing and distributing work are transforming. For new and aspiring writers, this is not easy terrain to navigate.

Individuals, families, organisations and companies are seeking to record, document and share their achievements, histories, ideas and information through different formats of the book.

Our knowledge of this space, the skills of our team, and our placement in the world of the written word uniquely position us to offer our publishing and consulting services to writers and others, opening new doors through which we may walk with them. We guide, write, edit, design, create publications, assist in self-publishing and guide you in sales and promotion.

Led by Urvashi Butalia, founder and director of Zubaan Publishers Pvt. Ltd, the Track Changes team includes core client leads, and experienced and expert editors, writers and designers. It is supported by the formidable team of Zubaan Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

We hope to make self-publishing your book easier and more affordable, without compromising on our ideals of excellence and quality.